Sustainable Development in Marketing, Strategy and Communications – the UN’s SGDs

MARK-MAN supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This guideline can translate them into business activities which foster prosperity along a holistic perspective.

MARK-MAN Navigator – Planning dimensions 2019

The latest MARK-MAN Navigator™ 2019 illuminates for our clients the most relevant developments shorthand from a scientific perspective. The panorama showes a global view.

In the Heart of the Wild Triangle – Novel

Auf den ersten Blick ein etwas ungewöhnlicher Marketing-Aspekt – Ulrich Hermanns beleuchtet die Ökonomie des Begehrens in einem Roman.

MARK-MAN Navigator – Planning dimensions 2016

The recently created MARK-MAN Navigator™ 2016 is devoted to the interplay between practice and theory.

MARK-MAN Navigator 2013 – recent insights

MARK-MAN Navigator 2012 identifies two power sources for strategy-based, integrated Marketing Communication

MARK-MAN brand operates in Australia

A corporate brand from Mark-Man is operating since this summer in Australia.

Shared Value, Corporate Advertising and Corporate Identity

Mark-Man supports its customers with demanding and ambitious projects.

VentureSoul – The unconscious of the corporation

In the unconscious, capital and desire are synonyms. In practice, they are most often treated separately.